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Interview with Duvet du Diable

The Dungeon Grimoire doesn't exist anymore so I have copied this interview conducted by Daveak Laughshield of the Dungeon Grimoire:

1. Can you tell us about you and the project Duvet du Diable and how it came about?

I was born in Québec (Canada) but, as far as I can remember, I have always lived in my imagination. It could let everything be a source of creativity . Even now, I dream constantly. The big difference, as I get older, is that the tools I can now use to let my imagination come out are not limited. I can let my dreams express themselves into any kind of medium such as : Music, graphic novels, paintings, etc.

I created Duvet du Diable in 2008 and around that time, I discovered the Era 1 of Mortiis and was charmed by it. I always loved RPG's music, but the Music of Mortiis was a new world to me; ''A world of wonder, a world of glory''. After a while, my demo Décès du roi was born. This demo is reflecting too much my inspiration back then... I didn't find my style yet by that time. Duvet du Diable was not a serious project at the very beginning. But then, my real world started to collapse. My social relations was shit, my girlfriend at the time was killing me slowly and I had no goal in life. When she broke up with me, I felt an enormous emptiness and the sadness started engulfing all the aspects of my life. I mutilated myself, I had insomnia and on top of it all, I abused of alcohol. Out of the blue, Duvet du Diable became a solution for my misery. It was a candle lit just for me, a chance, out of darkness. Vied'ange was born within this atmosphere. Some say that the greatest art is made by the saddest artists, I can only agree with them ^^

2. How do you define your music and your place in Dungeon Synth Music? - Because I saw you have many different concept albums

I define myself as an Alien (laugh). I like experimenting new concepts and ideas and not following a style step by step. The essence of True Art is emotion, without emotion, art is lifeless. I see my music as if it was out of the romantic era, more than the middle ages.

I try to create a tragic new world with each album as if they were a different dream; A dark dungeon with no limitations.

3. What are your thoughts about Dungeon Synth music in the world?

When I search for Dungeon Synth music, I find myself like walking in a swamp. There's a lot of mud but if you search enough, you can step on a ray of light. In general, Dungeon Synth reminds me of the Black Metal scene. Too many projects repeat the same pattern since the 90's without adding something new. You are not considered doing Dungeon Synth if you add for example, a saxophone. In my opinion, the new music in Dungeon Synth must be what already we love but with new ideas. This is how it is supposed to be in all kind of art, right? What is the purpose of having thousands of copy-cat? I think that adding your influence in your music is great, but trying to sound exactly the same as someone else is not a good thing. The purpose of creation is to leave your mark.

4. Id like to know the music & art influences of Duvet du Diable & the direction its heading....

The key word for my inspiration is ''atmosphere''. Summoning, Elfor, Kommando Peste Noire, Burzum, Pazuzu, Dvar, Ataraxia, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Kimtak Building (儉德大廈), Mortiis Era 1 and the OST of some video games are my main influence in music. Each of them create a unique world.

On the visual side, my main influence are the Renaissance painters, Gustave Doré, Courbet, Rembrandt, Albrecht Dürer, the illustration in ''Les livres dont vous êtes le héro'' and the artworks of J.R.R Tolkien's Middle-Earth. Last but not least, the writing of J.R.R Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Émile Nelligan and Guy de Maupassant. But Influences change over time, it is not written in the stone.
About the direction of my project's heading...I started adding voices in some of my compositions and I created a video named ''Ci-gît une beauté éternelle''.(You can find it on Youtube.)

5. I bet you have many unreleased tracks which weren't put on any releases yet?!

I'm composing music since High School (Laugh). I have a lot of unfinished compositions and ideas recorded. Also, I often revamp old compositons. But you know, creating a concept album is a lot of work and everything must flow correctly. So it takes time.

6. When an artists does a concept musical release on Dungeon Synth, does it mean that minimalist DS music will dominate or there is enough space for creatiivity?

I think it depends with the atmosphere. If the song is about walking into an old haunted castle for exemple, it must be minimalist; The castle is empty, nobody is around except the ghosts so the atmosphere is dead and mysterious. But on the opposite, if the song is about a great war against an evil lord, the music must be epic with a lot of instruments; A war is not well represented with minimalist.

7. What do you think of Facebook/twitter to spread DS music or music in general? Is there a real good measurable impact or its too much competition and fuss?

Facebook and Twitter are useless to music. If you really love something, you'll know where to find it.

People on social networks consume art like fastfood. They will like your song the very same way they will like 30 seconds later a picture of a cat, and most of them (the users) are ALWAYS on their cellphone. You must take your time to really appreciate a creation; If so, you have time to search for obscur music like DS.

I once had a Facebook for Duvet du Diable and I asked myself if it was really worth it. Another thing, what is the point spreading the same thing on your blog, your official site, and on social networks?

From my point of view, at the moment, bandcamp is the number one to spread DS.

Forget Facebook/Twitter and all the other social network sites. Dungeon Synth is hard to find and it must stay that way; Like an old artefact.

8. Your projects of Dungeon Synth for the future. On Duvet du Diable or other projects?

Right now there is no project of Dungeon Synth in progress but I'm working on my graphic novels.

For the future, I may mix the music of Duvet du Diable with my graphic novels.

9. Id like to have your whole opinion on nowadays social/moral problems, the mess we're in.

Have you ever read 1984 from George Orwell? If not read it. Big Brother is real and the social/moral problems are not there by coincidence. We voluntary lobotomize ourselves for the system. It's time to wake up and do our best teaching children the real meaning of life. Forget the elders, they are already braindead. The future is the youth!

10. I am curious to know what is the material you use to create DDD's music.

It is really simple, I use the army of the dead's orchestra and so far they did a great job.

11. Last words for the inetrview conclusions? A word to fans out there of DS Music....the last line are yours...

I want to thank all of you who support me, spread my music and bought me albums. It is really appreciated. Les Productions Haineuses produced tapes of my album ''Cristallisation du Sanctuaire Glacial par le linceul du réel''. Support the underground, support real art.

Québécois, réveillez-vous et révoltez-vous.

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